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                            Who benefits from SASS?

SASS Canada workshops and recitals in the schools have been offered free of charge
since 2003 to students in grades 6-12, but younger students sometimes get involved,
at the discretion of local teachers.  We have also seen the continuance of SASS-
style writers' circles at the university level, carried forward through the leadership of
SASS graduates.

SASS Canada pays professional songwriters an honorarium to deliver workshops in
the schools on a regulary basis, believing that society needs to value its professional
artists.   SASS strives to support two main groups:  young people and Canadian

                              Who supports SASS?

The heart of each SASS club is its volunteer teacher.  To date, over 200 educators
have volunteered their time to
guide and listen to SASS writers.  Parents and peers
are also valued
each year for the writers' community they help to build.   Executive  
Director, Dale Russell, and SASS Co-Founder, Artemis Chartier, have organized  
both school and community songwriting events free of charge to local youth.

Industry sponsors, community groups and generous individuals have supported
the SASS program, including the
Music Industry Association of Canada (MIAC),
Long & McQuade, local Optimist and Rotary Clubs, the Canadian Music Publishers
(CMPA), Rogers Cable 10, The Metalworks Institute, the Ontario Trillium
Fund, The Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC),
Ontario Power Generation,
YAMAHA, Roland, and donors such as Byron Nelson and Janet Connors.

SASS has been funded by local public
school boards, especially the Durham
District School Board
. SASS serves all communities of students, from gifted to at-
risk youth.  

Songwriters such as Wendell Ferguson, Katherine Wheatley, Linda M, Suzie
Vinnick, Jim Parker, David Leask, Carrie-Lynn DeMaeyer, Lynn Harrison, Debra
Alexander, Jeff Eager, Don McLeod, David Anthony, David Blair, Jim Vallance, Vezi
Tayeb, Patrick Dune, Dale Russell, Selena Gittens, Chad Doucette, Rob Laidlaw,
Duane Gibson, Trish Robb, Derek Giberson, Marianne Girard, Devontée Grubb,
Artemis Chartier and others have collectively led over 1,700 songwriting clinics.

Celebrities such as John Kay (Steppenwolf), Amy Sky, Anne Murray, Marc Jordan,
Lance Hoppen, Chris Patterson (
The Arrogant Worms) and Dale Russell have been
among the many volunteer judges evaluating SASS song contests.

Producers Dale Russell of Trail Mix Studios, Patrick Dune of Dune Tunes Recording,
Rob Laidlaw, and Patrick Stephenson of
Action House Studios have donated studio
time to record SASS students, producing three beautiful compilation albums to date.  
In the 2008 release ‘
Songs That Make A Difference’, young writers encourage the
world to address famine, poverty, and environmental problems.
Very special thanks to Janet Connors, a private citizen who
believes in kids and the arts and single-handedly covered the
costs of 15 SASS Club launch concerts in 2008.
Joshua Hisle and Michael
Ronstadt of "Lost In Holland",
on tour in SASS schools in
Multiple CCMA
Award-winning guitarist
and musical humorist,
Wendell Ferguson
Katherine Wheatley at an
elementary SASS Club in
2004 in Oshawa, Ontario
Linda M