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 What is SASS?    

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                      "Guiding Principles of SASS"

SASS Canada, the School Alliance of Student Songwriters, is not one, single
school, but a program for young writers involving two arenas.

The largest part of SASS free services are offered through its
traditional network of
songwriting clubs.  
These welcome the participation of youth in grades 6-12 free of
charge.  SASS appreciates the sponsorship of dozens of volunteer teachers in 20-
50 Ontario schools every year since 2003.

The second aspect of SASS is community-based.  SASS offers a series of
weekend workshops and camps, evening recitals, concerts, and contests to
adolescents interested in learning more about writing and forming a supportive,
young artists' group.  

The community services of SASS are open to teens regardless of affiliation to any
school clubs.    Even if you or your child do not have access to a
local school
songwriting club, SASS community events are also open free to all tee
ns on
evenings and weekends.  To get involved or receive more information, simply visit
our EVENTS page, and then click on the CONTACT US page.   

SASS has been a catalyst in creating similar songwriting communities  for youth in
several other parts of Canada.  However,  several programs inspired by SASS are
NOT SASS.  Please contact if you have a question about a
songwriting club near you.

SASS Canada's goals are to
make young people's lives happier, more
and well-rounded through musical creativity explored in a safe and
protective environment.   

The program's founders believe that the discipline of songwriting  boosts
and welcomes self-expression.  SASS also hopes to improve
attendance in school, build character
and leadership, and to provide more
for caring adults and peers to listen to youth. SASS songwriting clubs
aspire to be
'as much about love as they are about music'.

SASS offers young people an
outlet where they can express themselves with
voice or instruments, in whatever genre they wish, and respect each other
as artistic peers
, encouraged by fellow artists and professionals.

Since 2003, SASS has provided over
2,000 professional writers' workshops, over
180 concerts, open-mics, and interschool recitals, welcomed thousands of e-mails,
offered over
14,000 teacher-led writers' club meetings, made scores of free
recordings, planned
11 national song contests on uplifting themes, and seen
thousands of young lives enriched by music and enduring friendships in the SASS

SASS Canada does not guarantee the graduation of 'famous' musicians, although
many career-minded young artists have found the SASS community a helpful place
to network and grow.

Star-making is not a main goal of SASS.
 The nurturing of community-minded
artists with solid writing skills and a social conscienc
e is. SASS creators/ founders
and administrators do NOT request any percentage of the future earnings of any
young artists it may help to develop.  SASS students retain all rights to their songs
and all free SASS studio recordings.

SASS Canada does not currently attempt to teach the instrumental or vocal skills
already covered in band or choir classes. SASS agrees with the
Coalition for Music
, that more school choirs, bands, and orchestras are needed in every
community, revived by parents’ interest in their children’s musical creativity.

SASS is a community labour of love.  We are proud of all of the caring
teachers, sponsors,
and parents who make this writers' community happen.

Click here to hear samples of SASS student music.