All About Guitar
Welcome to "All About Guitar". This is the section where anyone can learn how to write songs on guitar,
and develop a fundamental understanding of the guitar.
There are several links here that could be accessed for further information.
Basic Parts of the Guitar
This is a picture of guitar parts and it shows the difference
between an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar.
This is how to hold the guitar.  It's important to play the guitar with
good posture and comfort. This method is not the classical
position, but works for general guitar playing.
About Fraydon Karimi, main SASS student contributor to these new TEEN PAGES

Fraydon is 18 years old and I currently attending Trent University in Ontario Canada. He plans on majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Psychology,
culminating his studies at Law School.  Fraydon's background is Afghan but he has lived most of my life in Canada. His hobbies include playing music ,
Car racing, Marital arts, working out as well as studying philosophy.   Fraydon loves import cars, especially Hondas and small engines with a lot of power.
His favorite stock car is the Civic Type R (EK9).

Fraydon's driving passion really is music, however.  Says Fraydon, "It all began 6 years ago. I started playing the saxophone in elementary school ... After
that I played drums and bass for a while.  I ended up picking up an acoustic guitar from an old friend. One day, I went over to another friend's place who
had an electric guitar. He showed me a few power chords and I was hooked. Since then I have  been playing the electric guitar and I am really into
technical metal. A few guitars that I have owned are: the Hyburn Acoustic, Dean Dime Razorback, Washburn Dime lightning bolt, Ibanez xiphos 27 fret, B.C
Rich Warlock, Handmade B.C Rich  Stealth ( Chuck Shuldiner Tribute guitar).  A few of bands that I admire are Death, Pantera, Slayer, Dying Fetus,
Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Necrophagist, Wintersun, etc.  I have listened to some trance and soft rock too. Tiesto, Darude, 009 sound system, J and R project
are a few trance/techno artists I enjoy listening to. "

"SASS is a program that I was introduced to in high school and It has changed me in a lot of ways. It is a place where anyone can enjoy music and relate to
each other. I love the program because it is open to all and it does not judge. I also enjoy this  program because of the people that have made this
possible. Artemis Chartier and Dale Russell are two individuals that I and countless parents, students, volunteers are grateful to for making this possible.
I was amazed to see how much time, effort and  patience they had and are continuously putting into the program. Feel free to browse the site and found
out for yourself what SASS is about and what it can do for you . So watching the people around me putting effort into the program, I decided to take  action. I
figured I would do my part and return the favour. I decided to offer guitar lessons to SASS students at my school both in person and to help build this web
site and offer on-line guitar tips here, as well.  If anyone has any questions about anything, please feel free to write me an email, addressed to Fraydon, c/o .

Thanks and best wishes with your music, everyone,

Fraydon. "
The link above starts out with an explanation of the guitar, its strings, tuning a guitar and finger exercises. The site also explains
how to read tab and includes video explanations. The site eventually moves on to guitar chords, theory and techniques. This
site is recommended for the beginner guitarist who can move on with the site day by day.
Each day, you can learn something new by following the lessons on the site.
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The first is a new link of guitar tips by SASS student, Fraydon Karimi,
which he has prepared to help all new guitar players, and posted on
YouTube for you: (click below).