SASS Alumni
A time to celebrate!
Many SASS alumni reconnected at the Tenth-Anniversary Reunion Concert,
Saturday, November 30,  2013,  at The Regent Theatre on King St. in Oshawa, ON
We featured songwriters from 2003-2013, with special recognition of
the tenth year honoured SASS clubs from 2003-2004,
and any alumni who had gone on achieve special musical or life successes.
Cursor to the bottom of this page to see the names of those
who performed at the November 30
Songwriters' Celebration!
Justin Bridgemohan,
Donald Wilson S.S.
Spoken Word Artist, 2006-07
SASS performers after a 2007
recital at Dunbarton H.S.
Joey and Cierra Macdonald,
from Dunbarton H.S.,  
entertaining SASS sponsors
at a Leland Industries BBQ
in 2006
Greg Rist interviewing Tony
Ranalli, Laila Darwish, and Craig
from Henry St. H.S. in 2005
The Markham Theatre  crowd
SASS students performed for
in 2006
FLOW Radio's Cass and Tony
Davis with Tafar-I at his CD
release in 2006
Samara VanLeeuwen, Dale
Russell and Lindsay Regan
in 2006
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Dale Russell and Fraydoon
Karimi jam at a SASS launch
concert in 2008
The SASS Open-Mic crowd at
Isabella's Choclate Café in 2008
The Kardiak Kids perform at
the 2011 Gala
Lindsay Broughton opens for
ORLEANS at the Markham
Theatre in 2006
Sheresa McIntyre, winner of
the 2008 SASS song contest

A few messages from our alumni:

Let me first congratulate you two on your hard work and inspiration. I'm sure many of the people you guys have come in
contact with have told you... how inspiring it is to have you supporting and driving this creativity we all want to unleash
so badly. You guys seriously do an incredible job at organizing events and creating opportunities for young musicians to
thrive. Thank you both so much.  -
Hunter Sheridan of "West Hammock'

Whatever it is you're doing, wherever it is, on whatever date at whatever time, let me know.  I'll do anything I can do to at
least be there if not contribute
.  -Tim Gittens- volunteer pro. drummer on many SASS projects

Aside from the event itself, I would be delighted to help any of the young artists in any way you feel that I could be
useful. I am more than happy to volunteer my time starting at the end of November to give back to SASS whether in
mentoring, the provision of ideas or through attending events and doing the little tasks that make a SASS recital
successful... I would love to give back to SASS; a program which has been a continued source of inspiration for me
when I look back on my time....I want you to know that your tireless efforts are not forgotten. Even five years after my last
involvement with the SASS community, I still appreciate the impact both of you had on me.  -
Justin Bridgemohan, SASS
Spoken Word artist, 2005-07

Congratulations on approaching the SASS ten-year anniversary!  I am so glad that you were able to take your idea and
make it happen in such a significant and meaningful way. Every now and then I run into someone who was a member of
a SASS club and who was so grateful for the opportunities and insights SASS membership afforded them
.   -  Blair
Packham,  Singer-Songwriter, film and TV music writer, producer,owner of Blare! Music,  founder of  the Humber
College Songwriting Summer Workshop, and  organizer of national tours /  writers' rounds with the Songwriters
Association of Canada

I've marked Nov 30th on the calendar. I'm very proud of you and the TREMENDOUS DEDICATION it took to see your
good deeds through for a decade.  All the best
, - Angie Littlefield, former Principal of G.L. Roberts C.V.I. and SASS

A sweet voice from the past:

...Songwriting acts as a emotional outlet for me. I can be myself or somebody else... It makes you feel good bringing
words to life through music.

There are a lot of personal benefits within the SASS environment. It is a positive atmosphere where the students are
supported.... It's a building of self-esteem through positive reinforcement helping you to believe in yourself, giving you
confidence, and it is empowering to see what you can actually achieve through good mentoring from teachers,
professionals within the music industry, and students themselves which we all co-operate and work together.

My favourite part of SASS opportunities was being in the recording studio-- it was soo much fun! I learned so much from
being in there with so many talented musicians, producers and songwriters. When you bring your creative self in a
professionally recorded song its just one of those feel-good moments. You would be amazed of how much you can learn
from each step of the process of making music.   -
Written in 2008 by Lindsay Regan, former Ajax H.S. SASS club
member, now completing her degree in music education and opera at the University of Toronto.
D-Bonez winning the
2011 Song Contest
Chris Axford, one of the
most  familiar, friendly faces
at regional recitals from
Tafar-I Davis and
Lindsay Broughton at
Canadian Music Week in 2012

Special thanks to  R.S. McLaughlin  and all of our earliest SASS alumni:

During the first year  that we opened the doors on a songwriting club in McLaughlin C.V.I., the students  were so
gifted and unique that  many educators and pro. writers were inspired to embrace a larger vision.  SASS would
never have become a major movement dedicated to nurturing other young writers without the talents and
enthusiasm of these very first student artists.   Special appreciation goes out this year to  Sandra Fox, Victoria
Voogt,  Joe Taylor, Anthony Howell, and the whole Mayflower group; I remember you!  John O'Regan and Tim
Bruton, who also delighted us in that very first group soon after formed the
D'Ubervilles.  Most of us are already
fans ofJohn O'Regan's current sound in
Diamond Rings, but we invite new listeners to click on
to enjoy some outstanding musical creativity and to learn when Diamond Rings
may come to a music hall near you.  John O'Regan, you may have no idea how much you helped young writers of
the future by being as great as you were ten years ago, but thousands of SASS writers over the following decade
have been blessed by your musical spark.   
Heartfelt thanks to students who first inspired the many who
followed, showing all that young writers can achieve.
SASS alumni meeting
over the summer to plan the
10th Reunion
Many alumni sent in songs for the November 30 SASS Anniversary Showcase.    Four
judges from outside the program listened to the entries this fall and chose the
following to represent ten years of SASS talent:

Toronto rocker and SASS mentor,
Jeff Eager, as well as talented SASS alumni,
    Kimberley Alexis, Matt Anness,  Eric Benns, Courtney Dermott, Dylan Hillyer and   
Reed Stevens, Kyle Dutka, Sophia and Jacob Ewaniuk,   Devontée Grubb, Molly Elise   
Alan Man, Aidan McAdam,   Nick Reynolds, Dimitri Seemungal,
Hunter Sheridan,  and Squid Man Stan.
SASS alumni, including 2013 Country   Music    
Association of Ontario Rising Star Award Winner, Lindsay Broughton,                           
and Whitby   singer-songwriter, Tim Watson, as well as Durham singer-songwriter,
Trish Robb
,    and Canadian Country Music Association’s six-time Guitarist-of-the-
Year and funny man, Wendell Ferguson, closed with a writers' round of music            
and the stories behind their songs.

Lindsay Broughton, seen
above after a SASS launch
concert in 2007, has gone on
to co-write with some of the
best musicians in Canada
and Nashville, perform in the
last two CCMA Emerging
Artists' showcases and the
CMW, has just released her
CD, and won the OCMA's
Rising Star Award in 2013.  
The SASS family wishes
Brooklin's talented Lindsay
Broughton a stellar career!

To stay up-to-date on all of
Lindsay's upcoming shows,