The School Alliance of Student Songwriters

                                            Guiding Principles:

1.     Young singer-songwriters in The School Alliance of Student Songwriters / SASS Canada shall
supported and guided on their journey of self-discovery and self-expression.

2.     The main goals of the SASS program shall be to
improve student success, strengthen literacy, celebrate
the natural
creativity of all children, foster leadership, courage, teamwork, perseverance, and other qualities
of good
character, encourage attendance in school,and to inspire young writers to make a positive
e in the world through their art.

No SASS student shall be exploited.  Any teachers, parents, and professional songwriters involved in the
program shall strive to
protect the creative rights of  students, as well as striving to safeguard their mental
and emotional well –being

4.     Believing that music and other creative arts
enrich the educational experience of young people, SASS
mentors and other leaders shall endeavour to provide the most  qualified songwriting instruction possible,
suggesting that youth pursue credited courses
in music and other arts where these are offered.

5.     Community volunteers and local school teachers shall approach their role as SASS
club sponsors in a spirit of
caring and giving.   
The not-for-profit / charitable nature of the SASS program will be continuously re-affirmed.

6.     Communities should be encouraged to respect the profession of songwriting and all
musical skills as valued art
forms, taking pride in our Canadian music industry.

7.    "Once a SASS student, always a SASS student" means that the Co-Founders of SASS and
school teachers
who have helped you along the way will continue to offer whatever
encouragement they can, sometimes even
through a student's university years, and beyond.   
 This does NOT mean that a SASS student owes the program
  SASS Founders and teachers should offer their support to students, without hope or expectation
of present or future financial rewards.    

SASS Canada Founders do hope that you, the young people we are helping today, will remember what it feels like
to have adults and peers listen to you and support you with their whole heart.  In memory of the generosity
you were shown, it would be a better world if you would simply, some day pass on to the children of tomorrow the
inspiration, guidance, and attention that all caring adults in the program have offered you.  While you are never
required to pay SASS leaders, we hope with all of our hearts that you will one day  offer your ear and your love to
your own students, your own sons and daughters, and everyone who trusts and looks up to you.

Students, parents, mentors, or teachers:  If you have any questions or comments about  these principles,
if you wonder if a school "SASS" club is actually an official member of SASS Canada in good standing,
please write us at the
"Contact Us" page.  

SASS Canada is led by teachers, parents, and songwriters striving to build a safe, creative  environment
for children and youth

You may help us maintain the supportive nature of a growing number of SASS writing clubs with your helpful  
comments and feedback.