SASS Gallery                      
Chantal's proud mom
Don Quarles with Artemis and
Katherine Wheatley
Karen Horsman from
CBC Radio
The McNevin Men
The 2010 SASS Songwriting, Performance, and Leadership Retreat
Meeting the Mully Children's
Family Choir in 2009
Mrs. Funchion on stage
with Maddie
Souffville SS audience
Jordan and Caleb take the stage at
Toronto's Royal Conservatory of
Music in 2009
After a lunchtime SASS meeting
at Donald Wilson S.S.
                                                       Literacy night at Eagle Ridge         Dale thanks Long & McQuade's       
                                                with D-Bonez in 2010              Kevin Simpson for his generous          
                                                                                                       SASS sponsorship     
Cara, Rockin' Rod, and  Mary-Ann
Nova after a SASS Board Meeting at
the Oshawa 94.9 radio station
Fraydon Karimi coaching young
guitarists after school
The Vimy Ridge Mar.5,2010
SASS club before their recital
Young musicians show
their metal!
Nick Reynolds supporting  a 2010
Habitat for Humanity benefit
The Kardiak Kids open for
Shiloh and The Latency in 2009
2010  SASS Camp            Chantal introduces The Latency            The Latency leads a SASS Jam at                    2010 SASS Camp                           Latency lead singer, Brandon,
                                                                                         The Music Scene                                                                                       delivers an unforgettable set
Happy Campers "Double Trouble"                 Kaitllyn's group
                                    delivers an awesome number at
                                    the 2010 SASS Songwriting Camp
Kaitlyn setting up for the 2011 Camp    Young co-writers on a break     D-Bonez rehearsing with his rap class    2011 Song Camp writers     SASS President. Mark Magee, with
                                                                                                                                                                                                Program Co-Founders, Artemis & Dale
Caleb and Jordan with
Linda Ronstadt in 2010
November 26, 2011 saw a return to Massey Hall for the 25th Annual Women's Blues Revue.  A workshop with "Digging Roots" kicked off the unforgettable evening
of hot Women's Blues sponsored by the "Share The Music" Program which offered free tickets to 45 lucky SASS students.
The R.S.
Mclaughlin SASS
family after one
of their monthly
coffee houses
in 2011
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Many thanks to The Music Scene, especially to Milton Gavilanez and the Stellas, for generously providing a home for our monthly SASS Revues fom 2012-2012.
Lights' manager, Amanda with Kyle    Industry greats meet with          Tim, Kyle, Jaime and Kerry              Kerry, Kyle, and Jaime at the              David Myles signs a CD
                                                    SASS students Mar. 24, 2012           in the atrium at CBC                     Glenn Gould Studio Mar. 24              for Tim after the concert