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Fraydon and Dale jam at a SASS concert
Tessa opens a SASS launch
concert in Whitby

Your 2015-16 SASS Youth Executive includes Co-Presidents Eric Benns, Jacob Ewaniuk, Charlene Forde-Smith, and Aria Poynter.  
They inherit the legacies of extraordinary youth leaders like Waverly Blair, Jazmine Boumeester, Katarina David, John France,
Kailey Haskell, Jonah Kissoon, Michael Lueth, Aidan McAdams, Evan Moore, Emily Stewart, and Kaitlyn Zarzour.

If you would like to help out at our events or workshops, or can suggest new ways to help other young writers please contact
your new Youth Executive Co-Presidents,  by writing
Featured single: The Kardiak Kids' first radio
single"In The End" produced by the band
and Dale Russell
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title  to learn..
All About Guitar
Interesting archive:
We also invite you to click on
the link below to access a 2010
interview with
The Latency
on their 2010
SASS school tour

Summer, 2012 gathering of
the SASS Youth Executive
This section was initially designed
by Cody Veal, Fraydon Karimi, and
Danial Ghofrani
2013-14 SASS Youth
Executive Co-Presidents
SASS Music:  Would you like your latest professional recording featured here?  Please send your request to sass@sasscanada.net, along with your original mp3,
artist or group name, song title, where your SASS club meets and the name of your studio/ producer.  We will be happy to promote your music from time to time.  

Also, do you have upcoming gigs you would like your friends in SASS to support?  Let us know and we can post your news here or at the S.A.S.S. School Alliance of
Student Songwriters facebook page.
Are you a new songwriter?  
Be proud!
 Often, the freshest, most
original musical and lyrical perspectives
come from emerging writers.    You don't
know where to start but are too shy to
ask?   Click on the following link to
encourage you
at the start of your creative