SASS Safe Communities Contest Winners
On June 12, 2010, the seventh annual SASS Song Contest
culminated in a live performance finals for the top ten writers and groups at a Gala Concert.  
This season's biggest SASS event also included performances from
some of the young artists who had been discovered during more than
twenty other
SASS open-mics., interschool recitals, and benefit concerts for Haiti and Habitat for Humanity
at which SASS students had participated this past year.

The theme of the students' writing this year was against
and the event began with a moving speech from Safe Schools Officer, Kendra Godin-Svoboda,
on how to build safer communities.  Please click here to read the full text of the speech.  
The top song contest winners were:

First Place:
Colin and Kaitlyn Zarzour, "He Said, She Said",
from All Saints' Catholic H.S.
performing their song "
Free Your Soul".

Second prize
went to Jordan Ali
and the "
Kardiak Kids" of Wilson S.S. and Paul Dwyer C.S.S.
for Jordan's song "
Do You See Me?"

Third place
was earned by Chantal Rouette,
of Wilson S.S.,
accompanied by Nick Reynolds, formerly of G.L. Roberts Collegiate,
for Chantal's song "
It Could Be You".

A very honourable mention, for  
fourth and fifth place goes to
Lakeside P.S. SASS Club, led by Patrick Li,
performing "
Walk Away"
Paul Sargant and Troy Marr
of Donevan Collegiate wrote a melodic and lycrically-brilliant entry
entitled "
Sticks & Stones".

Also honoured were
Thomas Helliwell and "Viva Mars", of Paul Dwyer C.H.S.,  for their song "The Quitter"

Chelsea Davey and Tessa Lam,
of Donald Wilson S.S.,  offered  "N
ot This Time"

The Sir Samuel Steele P.S. SASS Club
performing a well-choreographed and brilliant ensemble
entitled "
Why Me?"  led by Nicole Savage,

Maddie Kelly of All Saints C.H.S.
with her solo "
Who You Are".

The event also included performances from
Nirupa Singh and Marilyn Mills of  Vimy Ridge P.S.,
Devontée Grubb, a.k.a. "D-Bonez," of Donald Wilson S.S.,
Adrianna Canty, Shantel Francis and Alisa Francis, a.k.a. "X.O.X.", of  Donald  Wilson S.S.,
Jerusalem Groves, of Dunbarton S.S.
Hayden Gibson,of Stouffville S.S.,
Nick Reynolds, of York University,
Cassy Goulding, a.k.a. "Clay Hands",
and Cody Veal, of  Donald Wilson S.S.

"Spirit of SASS" awards were presented to the following students,
nominated by their SASS teachers for exceptional teamwork and service to others:

Jazmine Bouwmeester of Henry St. H.S.
Paige Brown, and Kent Stevens, of Colonel Farewell P.S.,
Julia Delbel of Terry Fox P.S
Tonya Ferguson and Alyssa MacFarlane of Dr. C.F. Cannon
Taylor Ferguson, of Bobby Orr P.S.
Nick Forbes and Amber Aubrey—of Queen Elizabeth P.S.
Devontée Grubb,  Chantal Rouette, Fraydon Karimi, Michelle Axford, and The Kardiak Kids, of Donald Wilson S.S.
Max McKee, of Lakeside P.S.
Marilyn Mills and Nirupa Singh, of Vimy Ridge P.S.

SASS teacher, Darlene Voogt, who hosts the monthly
SASS open-mics.
the last Friday evening of every month
formerly at
Isabella's Chocolate Café
and more recently, at The Music Scene,
won a special teachers' service award,
which included a $200 gift certificate
Nouveau-Day Spa.

Many thanks to Dale Russell, Patrick Dune, and Fraydon Karimi for running the sound at the Gala.

Gala volunteers, Sherry Ali, Artemis Chartier, Sandra Goulding, Dr. Kathy LeeSang,  Tim McNevin,
Michael Mills, and Stephanie Minacs, Pat Reynolds, Angela and Mitch Rouette, Dale Russell,
Paul Garnier, Ayla Moreash, Jordan Brooks, Hunter Frigault, Vince Kang,
Spencer Laidlaw,  Isabelle Chartier and Jazmine Bouwmeester
all helped the evening flow smoothly.

The June 12 song contest live performance judges (
pictured at right)  were:

Donny Anderson, song and score writer and performing artist
Rob Barg, President of Yamaha Canada
Tafari Anthony Davis, songwriter and recording artist and alumnus of Dunbarton H.S.
Carrie-Lynn DeMaeyer, singer-songwriter and SASS professional mentor
Milton Gavilanez, Co-Manager of The Music Scene & Volt Music in Whitby
Ray Gauvin, singer-songwriter, guitarist and local rock musician
Peter Katz, award-winning singer-songwriter and SASS mentor  
Rob Laidlaw, legendary international bassist, singer-songwriter and producer
Cierra MacDonald, singer-songwriter and graduate of Dunbarton H.S
Josh Raycroft, songwriter and  Vimy Ridge P.S. SASS Teacher
Heather Sullivan, Vocalist, Keyboard player and SASS teacher at Bolton C. Falby P.S.  
Karen Godin-Svoboda, DDSB Safe Schools Officer

M                                                       Many thanks, as well, to last month's song structure contest judges, which included many of the above
                                                   in addition to
Dave Maclean,  Lindsay Regan, Dale Russell,  Jim Parker, Ilse Themen, and Linda Warren.

                                     To conclude the 2010 SASS season, our Gala event closed with a speech from SASS President,
                                   Mark Magee, which made Durham parents feel even more proud of their creative young writers,
                                                 and offering special thanks to Dale Russell for his friendly support of the teachers, parents, musicians
and students in the SASS program.    

The event was enhanced by prizes offered by many caring donors and facilitators.  
Special thanks to Byron Nelson, Michael Golden, Ray Auld, James Murday, Dave and Karen Dilley.
See you all next year!                    
The photos below were taken
by Sherry Ali
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The photos at right of the top 3 song
contest winners were taken by Alex Chiu.
A high-res. 30-45 minute 'Highlights of the
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flawless and I have never
heard quality music from the
kids as I did Saturday!  A
great year for sure!

- Josh Raycroft-